Aboriginal Involvement

CFARWorking with the aboriginal
community is an opportunity for mutual growth; supporting one another so that a sustainable environment may be achieved.


GRC Camp services will engage local communities to support growth opportunities. GRC is a member of the Northern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA). GRC is also a member of The Circle for Aboriginal Relations Society (CFAR). 

A Good Neighbor

The development of a camp is also the continuation of a relationship, one that starts early in the development process.  GRC Camp Services welcomes open communication with all stakeholders, ensuring suggestions are addressed and every opportunity to assist each other is taken. Accountability and transparency are core ideals of our corporate culture.  By treating local communities with respect and an open ear, we’ve developed great relationships with everyone involved.

Positive Work Experiences

Our goal is to strengthen the areas where we operate by providing exceptional and rewarding careers.  GRC Camp Services implements rigorous training programs and guidance for our staff, supporting personnel development and ensuring a positive integration into our business. This philosophy is applied throughout all levels of the organization.

Environmental Rights

As a sustainable thinking organization, GRC promotes the use of local suppliers, a local focused workforce and every option we have to reduce our impact on nature. This is why we openly discuss the close of every project, planning for the inevitable removal of camp structures and return to the original, natural setting. Our health, safety and environment program stresses the importance of low impact and outlines all of our procedures for the ongoing protection of the land around us.


GRC Camp Services - Delivering the Best Remote Workforce Experiences

Supporting workforce accommodations with a full service design build program and complete camp maintenance and management services, GRC Camp Services uses a true hospitality approach. We incorporate lifestyle design in our lodging and invest in our people. Our team of service professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of life for our guests.

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