Camp Services

GRC Camp Services provides Western Canadian heavy industry
with complete turnkey camp development and management services. Working closely with our clients in the oil and gas and resource development sector, we offer consulting and design services for new camps or provide maintenance and management for existing client lodges. We offer a vendor neutral approach to camp equipment supply, partnering with leading modular manufacturers.


Our management and maintenance professionals deliver an exceptional lifestyle experience for our guests. We support client workforces by preparing outstanding meals and providing clean and comfortable rooms with extra amenities. GRC Camp Services builds vibrant, healthy, remote camp communities.

Design Build

Based on the size of the project, functional requirements and budget, GRC Camp Services will design an entire camp from the ground up. We will arrange for permits, transport the modulars and camp support equipment, install, and operate the camp. The experience we offer delivers a customized solution for your project, maximizing efficiency and ensuring a transparent and accountable use of budget.

Camp Management

The goal of effective camp management is delivering an exceptional quality of life to the residents. Providing fresh food, clean rooms and friendly service creates a comfortable living experience that is memorable. Our experienced and dedicated team will expertly manage your camp. We are proud of our strong Aboriginal partnerships. GRC provides employment opportunities for local communities

Food Services

The most iconic experience of any camp stay is the food; we deliver exceptional meals that inspire. Utilizing dietitians, professional chefs and effective meal strategies, GRC Camp Services offers one of the most complete and high quality food programs in the industry. Our focus is making food memorable. We understand the importance of impressing with look, taste and nutrition so that we support a productive and happy workforce.

GRC Camp Services - Delivering the Best Remote Workforce Experiences

Supporting workforce accommodations with a full service design build program and complete camp maintenance and management services, GRC Camp Services uses a true hospitality approach. We incorporate lifestyle design in our lodging and invest in our people. Our team of service professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of life for our guests.

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