Project: Enbridge Integrity Dig Project

Client: Enbridge and Ledcor
Location: Fort Simpson, NT and Wrigley NT

In support of the Integrity Dig in the Northwest Territories, GRC established two turnkey camps with full logistic support. The project areas were isolated; equipment was transported via barge and ice road.

Successful setup, management, and shut down resulted in zero recordable incidents and no stranded equipment during the project. The project was a demonstration of our impressive logistical coordination and ability to perform in the harshest of Canadian environments.

Project: Misty River Camp

Client: Open Camp
Location: South of Fort McMurray

This 150 person open camp operated for 5 years.  During the camps operation, over 2/3 of the staff were local aboriginals.  We take every opportunity to extend employment opportunities to locals.  Our training and management style encourages personal self-development.  

Project: Pipeline

Client: Pipeline Contractor
Location: Boyle, Alberta

GRC is supporting the operation and management of a 300 person camp near Boyle Alberta, providing catering and housekeeping services.  Our camp guests are served world class meals in a clean and comfortable living environment. 

We have an experienced team of managers and administrators that coordinate timely deliveries of fresh food and materials. Quality is a commitment to every aspect of our work, and that requires a team of dedicated people that are proficient in their areas of expertise. Everyone from our chefs to our housekeepers is committed to serving our customers and guests and providing an exceptional camp experience.

Project: Pipeline

Client: Pipeline Contractor
Location: Conklin, Alberta

Maintaining and managing a 629 person camp is our forte.  GRC was the reliable choice for this client owned camp. Operating near Conklin Alberta, we are delivering impressive logistics and meal preparation to accommodate our guests. 

Our focus is on the delivery of truly comfortable surroundings with staff that make our guests feel welcomed.  GRC is committed to supporting operations to positively impact productivity.


GRC Camp Services - Delivering the Best Remote Workforce Experiences

Supporting workforce accommodations with a full service design build program and complete camp maintenance and management services, GRC Camp Services uses a true hospitality approach. We incorporate lifestyle design in our lodging and invest in our people. Our team of service professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of life for our guests.

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