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Aboriginal Involvement

George Ross Catering Camp Services Management Statement of Support for Local and Indigenous Participation.

About GRC

GRC is genuinely committed to creating and extending opportunities for local and Indigenous people and enterprises.  GRC commits to incorporating local and Indigenous participation as a core function in all project management processes, and ensuring that its dealings with local and Indigenous people consistently take place in a culturally sensitive, respectfully manner.

Since 2007, GRC has been partnering with Indigenous communities throughout Canada and NWT. Based on a foundation of trust, respect and equality, these partnerships have developed into profitable businesses and long-term relationships.

GRC has developed 4 formal business relationships with Indigenous groups across Canada and NWT. We support Indigenous organizations and initiatives that contribute to sustainable economic and social development of Indigenous communities.

about grc camp services

Aboriginal/Local Participation Strategy

GRC’s Indigenous/Local Participation Strategy is a multi-faceted, detailed approach to developing existing skills, new skills training, promoting cultural diversity, developing long-standing relationships with the local communities and providing capacity-building opportunities. GRC’s approach is;

Training and Mentoring:  Detailed training programs on the Project will be implemented to provide trainees the chance to learn new skills or build upon pre-existing ones. Individual mentoring programs will be established to help interested persons grow personally and professionally.

Employment:  Opportunities for employment during the life of the  Project will be extended to individuals. Jobs may include working areas such as Admin, Operations Manager, Team Leads , Janitors. and camp services.

Subcontractors:  Where possible, GRC will look to local suppliers to assist in providing select goods/services for the Project to support and expand local entrepreneurship.

Community Projects; Ideas are developed in conjunction with participating First Nations, education authorities, community groups and First Nation leadership to find more ways to boost value for the region through the  Project.

grc camp services community engagement plan

Community Engagement Plan

Under the Engagement Plan, GRC in collaboration with each nation thru the Director of Business Development commits to the early identification of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour available for the project. In addition, the Director of Business Development will be tasked with identifying the local Nation businesses capable and available in sub-contracting for the project and coordinating their bid efforts for GRC.  The Plan would specify the number of full and part to equivalent positions for GRC is prepared and committed to hire and what sub-contracting opportunities may be available such as on-site security, fencing and earthworks, etc.

An Employment Transition Committee made up of a few elders and members from the Project team should also be considered with a variety of support services. Often community members will have the desire to work but don’t have the support to assist them in their successes. So these are important to their success and in turn, to GRC’s success.

Aboriginal Local Content

a) First Right of Refusal for Employment Opportunities
Community Engagement Plan to identify potential employment opportunities Potential areas of employment would include; Team Leads, Admin, Security and Janitors

b) Operations and Maintenance Training

Complete daily hazard assessment at the worker level and weekly formal inspections involving all level of staff. Detailed reporting system ensures a low rate of incidences. Orientations to the worksite weekly safety meetings help keep our workers informed and up to date on all current safety practices

c) GRC Community Investment and Aboriginal Relations

GRC Camp Services is proud to assert that we have five (5) qualified trainers on staff who have visited First Nation communities and implemented numerous educational seminars and training programs, throughout the provinces including; first aid, food-safe, kitchen help, service best, housekeeping, WHMIS, life skills and essential skills for the workplace and certification.

GRC has extensive training programs with detailed safe work procedures for all tasks at camp; job shadowing is used throughout the training process.

d) Subcontractor Opportunities for the Project

Subcontractor project work to be reviewed with Nation prior to award contracting opportunities to be defined by the Community Engagement Plan. GRC will be reaching out to the Project First Nation partnerships for subcontracting opportunities.

Indigenous Self-Determination Plans

GRC would have an MOU to sign so we can move forward with a new company ” Indigenous/GRC” the plan would be to hand over the Company to the Indigenous group, when we have a completely trained all locals in every position over 4 & half years, GRC will sell the Company to the Indigenous group for $1.00. This has been well received. The training will include but not limited to:


Complete COR training, provided to all staff. Principles of health and safety, and higher for supervisors.

  • Apprenticeships for Cooks
  • Front desk Training
  • Life skills training
  • On the Job training Task lists. Kitchen Helpers.
  • On the job training lessons for cooks.
  • Housekeeping training.
  • Food Safe training
  • Management Training 

GRC is looking forward to a close relationship as” Partners in Business'” than a contractor.

grc camp services staff
grc camp services indigenous self determination plan

Director, Business Development

This is a newly created role for GRC that honors the intentional journey GRC and members of the Indigenous community have begun together in action of reconciliation. Bren will oversee implementation of the Indigenous Strategy for GRC that was developed by Bren to enhance our capacity to be informed by an Indigenous lens throughout the business of this corporation. Bren will be a Business Development  on Indigenous matters for GRC and she will work closely with the Founding Director Richard Skinner and members  of the Indigenous community to ensure that GRC`s Indigenous Strategy is authentic to the needs of  their First Nation Partnerships and aligned with GRC`s Strategic Directions and Business Plans.  Bren is from Siksika First Nation and part of the Blackfoot Confederacy.

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