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Whether we design a camp for workforce housing or manage an
existing camp, GRC Camp Services excels at delivering quality lodging and remote living comfort to all of our guests. By developing the profile of our resident, we understand the demands of their jobs and the amenities that deliver a satisfying stay. We seek to develop a welcoming environment, one that is closely managed and scrutinized by our team to deliver true comfort to our guests.
The experience of staying at a GRC managed camp is about hospitality and comfort, expertly crafted gourmet meals, and well maintained accommodations. We’ve built proactive systems of supply management to service remote areas. The Turnkey operation of lodging facilities is delivered by our team of highly qualified management personnel.

Supply Management

In order to deliver the freshest quality food and clean, comfortable accommodations, GRC excels at the management of products and supplies to remote lodges. Our systems track and communicate supply levels to experienced managers responsible for the quality of all elements within the camp. GRC will manage camp consumables including all necessary water supply, waste water storage, treatment and trash hauling. Camps may be self-supported with generators if high-line power is unavailable.

  • Complete Logistical Solutions
  • Laundry Services
  • Potable Water Delivery
  • Waste Management
  • Proactive Supply Management
grc camp services supply management

People Management

Efficient operations require the proactive management of staff and residents. We track occupancy and changeover schedules to ensure the camp is staffed properly. GRC hires from local impacted communities, providing training programs that promote personal development. We view each of our employees as a vital component in the delivery of a comfortable and enjoyable stay at our lodges. We hire and invest in each of our employees to provide top quality service.

  • Hire From Impacted Communities
  • Proactive Changeover Scheduling
  • Real-Time Occupancy Reports
grc camp services safety management

Safety Management

We understand our vital role in the protection of everyone’s health and safety. GRC camp services will design emergency response plans and safety programs for each camp; tailoring systems based on unique location needs. Safety training is provided for all employees utilizing our comprehensive training program that ensures complete knowledge and adoption of hazard reporting and mitigation regulations.

GRC Camp Services has partnered with Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. to provide turnkey security service for lodge operations. Tectonic provides camp and gate security, medical staff, safety personnel and equipment, Road Monitoring, and Alcohol and Drug Screening.

GRC Camp Services - Delivering the Best Remote Workforce Experiences

Supporting workforce accommodations with a full service design build program and complete camp maintenance and management services, GRC Camp Services uses a true hospitality approach. We incorporate lifestyle design in our lodging and invest in our people. Our team of service professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of life for our guests.

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