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The design and development of a workforce location is an exercise
in lifestyle designs; creating environments that optimize the quality of life for those within. More than an accommodation between shifts, GRC camps are experiences designed to inspire performance and workplace satisfaction. We work with clients accommodating a handful of people to thousands of residents requiring clean, comfortable environments to live in.

When we undertake the design build process with our customers, we consult and map the total experience of the resident. We maximize comfort by offering activities like exercise, entertainment, and world class food. This is a result of strong planning, sourcing the right components and constructing a camp that is exceptional while being on budget. By being vendor neutral and utilizing local suppliers, GRC is a leader in remote workplace operation development.

Site Preparation and Development

True to our turnkey operations, GRC will assist with surveying and location design, optimizing the layout of structures. We engage local suppliers for site preparation, and will arrange for screw pile installation or modular placement on rig mats.

  • Building Permits
  • Site Preparation/Earth Works
  • Screw Piles
  • Rig Mats
  • Support Equipment: Potable Water Tanks, Sewage Tanks, Waste Treatment Plants, Light Towers, Generators
camp design and development

Modular Building Equipment, Installation, Teardown

Once a site is developed and prepared, we will procure, transport and setup all structures. We are a vendor neutral camp designer and caterer, using the best products that fit budget and functional requirements. All components are transported by GRC to the location, assembled, tested and commissioned for safe and sustainable operations. All of this follows a details production schedule laid out in the design process, keeping with our customers timelines and cost expectations.

  • Vendor Neutral Selection of Camp Components
  • Transportation, Setup and Commissioning of Modular Buildings
  • Detailed Production Schedules and Communication Channels
site clean up and rehabilitation

Site Cleanup and Rehabilitation

The conclusion of the project requires disassembly and rehabilitation of the site to original conditions. GRC will dismantle and transport all camp components to original suppliers and begin recovery operations. Our goal is to return all environments to their natural states, cleaning the ground and removing all harmful elements from the environment.

GRC Camp Services - Delivering the Best Remote Workforce Experiences

Supporting workforce accommodations with a full service design build program and complete camp maintenance and management services, GRC Camp Services uses a true hospitality approach. We incorporate lifestyle design in our lodging and invest in our people. Our team of service professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of life for our guests.

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